Total Body Modification (TBM)

What is Total Body Modification (TBM) ?

TBM is an additional therapy that Fiona has integrated into her naturopathic treatments. TBM is a form of applied kinesiology, which is a therapy that uses muscle testing to identify body structural, chemical or emotional imbalances in the body. TBM removes blockages that are preventing the body from performing 100% by restoring balance to the nervous system. Corrections involve gently stimulating reflex points on the body or along the spine. TBM is safe, non-invasive, effective and performed with the client fully clothed.

TBM commonly compares the body to a bio-computer to help understand how the technique works. The brain controls every component of the nervous system, which in turn affects every bodily function. Sensory nerve fibres deliver messages from within the body or its surrounding environment to the brain. Similar to a computer, the brain processes received information before sending out a message via motor nerve fibres with FullSizeRender_1instructions on how the body responds.

When our body cannot adapt efficiently to changes because of stress, nutritional deficiencies, chemical imbalances or structural problems, the nerves in the brain also become stressed and depolarize (like blowing a fuse). As a result, the brain receives the message but no instruction is returned to the organ, causing dysfunction in controlling that body part.

TBM can help you achieve optimal health by allowing the depolarized brain cells to regain control of the affected body part, which restores balance in the nervous system.